Searching For A Podcast Microphone: Completed

One thing I didn’t account during COVID-19 and the stay-at-home orders around the world – supply and demand. While most of us heard about people hoarding things like toilet paper, food, and cleaning materials I didn’t think other items like technology would be taken as well. As I mention in First Day Completed, there are … More Searching For A Podcast Microphone: Completed

The Auditions

Everyday people hope to land the role of a lifetime That iconic role that they will be remembered for They never think of how long the show will last Only the bliss of getting and partaking in it all However there is one role unlike any other This one has been unfilled for over 25 … More The Auditions

Chasing Music

A few days ago, I was minding my own business when I heard this song. It was an indie style of music, which I love listening to. The song was used for a car commercial, and the ad went so fast that I couldn’t remember the make of the car nor any part of the … More Chasing Music

The Way Home

It was a long Friday trying to make it to 5:00pm, but I made it and couldn’t wait to go home. See my family, play with my nephews, watch some good shows and movies, and of course home-cooked meals. There was more traffic than normal on the way home, and it took me almost 3 … More The Way Home

So close yet. . .

No luck. After feeling confident about my interviews, I was greeted with a letter from HR: You were not selected. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, because truth was I was feeling very down since I felt the best I’ve ever had for interviews. While many of my other friends are having … More So close yet. . .

Homeward Bound

When people from my past ask about me Others will often respond saying they don’t know They don’t know how I’m doing or if I work Have I moved or even found a Home yet I never tell them anything because I’m not ready