Crossing Over

From the moment I was born something tried to stop me Encasing me in a dome that had limits I could not see And it was that barrier which kept me from seeing it all It wouldn’t be until decades later that I discovered it The story begins when I was a child with a … More Crossing Over

Let It Slip Away

I remember meeting him quite a while ago I didn’t expect how things would go upon meeting We just talked about life and travels at first But soon there was attraction involved in our chats A part of me tried to pull away calling it crazy While another part of me wanted to explore it … More Let It Slip Away

A Cursed Gift

It happened to both of my grandmothers before they passed My grandfathers I don’t recall since I was just a boy at the time But from what little I can gather I believe it was the same story I used to say this line of: if only we could be strangers again There were many … More A Cursed Gift