Searching For A Podcast Microphone: Completed

One thing I didn’t account during COVID-19 and the stay-at-home orders around the world – supply and demand. While most of us heard about people hoarding things like toilet paper, food, and cleaning materials I didn’t think other items like technology would be taken as well. As I mention in First Day Completed, there are … More Searching For A Podcast Microphone: Completed

A Day of Baking?

Does anyone else like to go shopping first thing in the morning? I should clarify, grocery shopping is what I mean. Typically every weekend, I still wake up super early because my body doesn’t know the difference between weekday and weekend. And usually every weekend, I make my grocery run to get things for the … More A Day of Baking?

So close yet. . .

No luck. After feeling confident about my interviews, I was greeted with a letter from HR: You were not selected. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, because truth was I was feeling very down since I felt the best I’ve ever had for interviews. While many of my other friends are having … More So close yet. . .

Resolutions ’19

And so a new year is upon us! Hope everyone enjoyed their night. I think my neighbors broke their record for most fireworks popped. It’s funny because I live in an area where fireworks are prohibited within city ordinance. Yet every New Year’s Eve, and 4th of July, they pop them without a care. No … More Resolutions ’19

Big Fish

Tick tock, tick tock It’s 18 o’clock Go out, have fun Don’t settle, you’re still too young Tick tock, tick tock It’s 25 o’clock Everyone’s getting caught Having kids, moving on Asking why are you being elusive? Tick tock, tick tock It’s 34 o’clock They told you so, warned you so Wait too long, you’ll … More Big Fish