Searching For A Podcast Microphone: Completed

One thing I didn’t account during COVID-19 and the stay-at-home orders around the world – supply and demand. While most of us heard about people hoarding things like toilet paper, food, and cleaning materials I didn’t think other items like technology would be taken as well. As I mention in First Day Completed, there are … More Searching For A Podcast Microphone: Completed

Why The ‘New Normal’ Will Be The Old Normal

As the world slowly starts to re-open it’s societal doors, and letting people get back out there to work and play, many begin to wonder: Will things be different from now on? Whenever something global happens, and humanity bands together, we learn something from that experience. Collectively, we come out a little differently. A little … More Why The ‘New Normal’ Will Be The Old Normal

The Contact Scare

How the Coronavirus may be affecting us economically & socially Globally, we have seen health alerts spread across our lands that has caused awareness to rise. There has been the ebola virus, swine flu and avian flu in our recent history. Time and time again, safety measures were taken and such risks were diffused. But … More The Contact Scare