Freelance Features

Creative Content

I love being creative, and using that to solve various problems; making each one unique in it’s own way. If it is help with writing, then I can help you craft a good post or poem/story. Or if it’s designing a logo, or something along those lines, I’d be happy to bring your ideas to fruition that help in your ultimate goals.


If you haven’t had the chance to check out my podcast, I highly suggest you do! Besides talking about sports and entertainment, I also offer my voice to read aloud whatever it is you need. Have a script, a story, or narration that you’d like for me to do? Let’s get in touch.

Dating & Relationships

Whether you’re just starting to date or getting back into dating after a long time, I can guide you on how to approach it. From topics of conversation, to types of fun things you both can do, we’ll collaborate and bring out the best in you that is fun and romantic. I also offer help to those who are already in relationships, and trying to navigate through different situations.

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