Things to Know Before Choosing to Go Camping or Glamping

Summer is fast approaching, followed by cool-weather Fall, and with the world slowly beginning to re-open that means people will venture back into the outdoors. But between choosing to surround one’s self in an urban city with many others, or more secluded out in nature, at this moment in time more people might take up … More Things to Know Before Choosing to Go Camping or Glamping

On the upswing

So while I am working on two long posts that will be out soon, you remember how lately things haven’t been going my way? Yesterday was such an oddity in that it was good. . . like quite interesting-good. Work wasn’t busy, which was a start, but as did my usuals I noticed one of … More On the upswing

You’ve Got Mail

So my Friday was relatively good. Not only was it finally Friday, but the day was not too busy. Mostly driving around campus and checking on some things. Then around lunch time I felt I might stay all day at work again, and wondered what to get for lunch. Suddenly a woman from the department … More You’ve Got Mail