Change Needs Time

Sometimes it is necessary to clear everything, and build the foundation anew, so that change can occur. It’s like the Jenga tower I’ve mentioned before. We are constantly evolving forwards, backwards, side-to-side due to many factors; all while we navigate through our lives. Y’all already have seen glimpses as to what I aspire to do. … More Change Needs Time

Chasing Music

A few days ago, I was minding my own business when I heard this song. It was an indie style of music, which I love listening to. The song was used for a car commercial, and the ad went so fast that I couldn’t remember the make of the car nor any part of the … More Chasing Music

Cutting the Clouds

According to my mother, with the story told by my father, there was an old belief in her family. When my dad was with my mom early in their relationship, he went to see her family. One time, it was cloudy as a storm was coming. He goes outside to see his father-in-law. That’s when … More Cutting the Clouds


I heard this song Monday night, as I watched America’s Got Talent: Champions. There were other great performers, and Mike ended up not going on to the next round. However, his song that he sang was incredible and then I found his official version on Youtube. It strongly reminds me of Rob Thomas’ song Someday. … More Believe.