First Day Completed

It’s been a while since I’ve really updated y’all on how I’ve personally been, and I return with good news: I got a new job and today was my first day! After going through several rounds of interviews, I received the call a few weeks ago, and here we are beginning a new chapter. A … More First Day Completed

The Beat Goes On

Human Resources is such a unique creature. Many of you know the oddities that come with the experience of dealing with the folks in that department. Whether it’s the way they talk to you as if they’re treading carefully on everything being said, even if it’s just going over benefits packages, or how they try … More The Beat Goes On

Cuando Para Mi Alma

I somehow find myself stuck between a delayed quarter-life crisis and an early mid-life crisis. What’s the difference between the two besides stage of life? One of them tries to capture life before it escapes their grasp, while the other attempts to correct the ship after discovering life is passing by. Quarter-life is when we … More Cuando Para Mi Alma